Integrate your Etsy store(s) and import shipments into your Chit Chats account in 4 easy steps.

Note: Importing orders does not select or purchase postage for your shipments. You will need to select, buy and print your postage after importing. 

Step 1: In your Chit Chats account, go to your Settings (bottom-left) > Click on Sales Channels > Connect Etsy Store. Here you will be asked to enter your store URL.

Step 2: Make sure you are logged in to your Etsy store account. Install the Chit Chats app by clicking on Allow Access.

Step 3: Back in your Chit Chats account, click on the Import button (top-left) and select Import from Etsy

This will display your unshipped Etsy orders that are ready to be imported. You can import all orders or select the shipments that you wish to import. Please note that fulfilled or partially-fulfilled orders will not be imported.*

Note: After importing shipments, it is important to verify the accuracy of all information before buying your postage. It is the shipper’s responsibility to provide accurate information as any inaccurate information can result in:

Shipment weights and dimensions will be imported if available. If an order contains more than one item then only the total shipment weight will be calculated and imported. You will have to update the dimensions by either using shipping presets or edit shipment details before you complete your import to update any missing information.

Step 4: After your import has finished, you can go to your Pending tab to review your imported shipments. This is where you will be able to pay for your shipments and print postage.

Congratulations! You have just connected your Etsy store with Chit Chats and imported your first round of shipments.

You can choose when to fulfill your Etsy orders and mark them as shipped by sending Chit Chats tracking back to your store. Learn more on how to change your store fulfillment settings.

*You may experience issues importing shipments older than 60 days.