Chit Chats Slim is a unique postage option for business owners to get shipments of jewelry, clothing and cards into the hands of their customers at a fraction of the cost. Designed with your lightweight packets in mind, Chit Chats Slim quickly and reliably gets your shipments to delivery addresses across Canada with our national delivery partner. 

Often, tracking is not included with comparable services for small packets. But with Chit Chats Slim, you’ll be able to provide more tracking insights for your customers and ecommerce platforms thanks to Chit Chats tracking. As a partially tracked service you'll see tracking updates for part of the journey but there will be no delivery confirmation.

Service Features

Chit Chats Slim postage has you covered with the following features:

FeaturesPartial TrackingDelivery in 3-9 Business DaysChit Chats Insurance AvailableReturn Service

Check out our shipping calculator to get a quote for your shipment.


Before you get shipping, let’s find out if Chit Chats Slim is the best fit for your shipments.

First and foremost, Chit Chats Slim is a service designed with businesses in mind offering flat rates not available to casual shippers. That’s why this service is offered only to Chit Chats clients with a business account. Shipping on behalf of your business and need help switching your account? Reach out!

Chit Chats Slim is designed for shipments weighing more than 10 grams and less than 10 oz (283 grams). Please also note the minimum and maximum dimensions for this service to avoid surcharges for oversized shipments.

  • Length x width x height must measure: 
    • Minimum dimensions 4 in x 6 in x 0.2 in
    • Maximum dimensions 12 in x 9 in x 0.8 in

To keep shipments safe and moving smoothly, there are limitations on the types of items that you can send with this service. Please refer to our partner carrier’s restrictions for more information.

Buying Postage

There are two ways to buy Chit Chats Slim for your shipments:

  1. “Create a Shipment” one at a time in your account
  2. Import multiple shipments via a connected store, the Chit Chats CSV or API

You’ll need to select a compatible package type to ensure you receive a postage rate. Chit Chats Slim is compatible with your shipments packaged in thick envelopes.

If you create shipments one at a time you'll select the package type under the Package step. 

If you import shipments from your store, save time by updating your shipping presets. If you import your shipments with a CSV or API connection, you’ll need to use the following inputs for the importer:

Having trouble? Read our troubleshooting tips.

Once you’re happy with the details for returns and insurance, you can select the shipments you want postage for and click on “Pay for Shipment”. Now you’re ready to print your postage labels! Be sure to apply them to your packages with some of our best practices for packaging, like ensuring your barcode is visible on a flat area of the package.

Sending Your Shipments

Once your shipments are ready to get to a Chit Chats, you’ll want to take a moment to get organized and sort them with any of our other Canadian postage types:

Batching is the way to go when you have a lot of shipments to send. Stay organized and receive simultaneous acceptance scans on your tracking when you use a batch label.

After our team receives and processes your shipments, you’ll want to share the tracking details with your customers. Chit Chats Slim shipments are partially tracked, meaning that we will continue to provide Chit Chats tracking updates up until we release it to our delivery partner. However, there will be no tracking event to confirm the delivery of your shipment. Learn how to track your shipments here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I ship with Chit Chats Slim?

Chit Chats Slim provides some of the greatest coverage of delivery addresses in Canada for your lightweight shipments including apartments and P.O. boxes. However, you’ll want to note that there can be additional transit times involved for deliveries to remote addresses

Is signature confirmation available?

No, signature confirmation service is not available for Chit Chats Slim postage.

Can I send parcels with Chit Chats Slim?

This service is designed specifically for lightweight items packaged in thick envelopes. If you select the parcel package type you won’t see Chit Chats Slim in your postage options. We recommend giving our Chit Chats Select service a try as it is an ideal service for parcels and other larger packages.

Can I refund unused postage?

No, you cannot request a refund for Chit Chats Slim postage. As this service is partially tracked, its postage labels cannot be cancelled and are not eligible for refunds like our other Canadian postage types.

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