While we've made it our mission to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, we recognize that not everyone is a business owner. That’s why we offer two types of Chit Chats accounts: business and personal. You will be asked to select your preference when you first sign up for a Chit Chats account.

Business Accounts

If you ship commercially or on behalf of an organization, a business account is best for you. With a Chit Chats business account you will have access to all our discounted rates for business shippers. 

In order to create a business account you must provide your *business name, a brief description of your business and a link to your website or online store. For example, the URL to your business website, online marketplace storefront, crowdfunding campaign site or social media business page. A business licence is not a requirement. If you need to update these details later on, you can do so from your account settings.

Personal Accounts

We offer clients the option of creating a personal account for casual shipping purposes. For example, if you want to send an item to a friend or family member or a document to a colleague, you may want to create a personal Chit Chats account. However, as our platform is catered to business shippers, some services may be unavailable for personal accounts. 

Chit Chats works with various partner carriers for final delivery of your shipments. Due to the nature of our agreement with Canada Post, our Chit Chats Canada Tracked and Chit Chats Slim services are not available for personal accounts however, you are welcome to ship to your recipients in Canada using Chit Chats Collect and Chit Chats Select

Additionally, you must be a federally registered business in order to use our Chit Chats Returns service. A Power of Attorney document including a federal business number is a Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) requirement for bringing returns back into Canada.

How to Switch Your Account

If you signed up for a personal account in error or just launched your business, switching to a business account is easy. Simply add your business name, a brief description of your business and include links to your website or online store in your account settings. Once you click save, your account will be converted to a business account. If you're having trouble or need assistance with switching your account type, contact our support team with your client ID.

*When selecting a business name, please be advised that it must be a minimum of two characters long.