You can change your name, business name and contact details in your account settings. Similarly, you can change your return address.

Changing your Account Name

Your account name is an important contact detail for your account and should display your full legal name. If there is no business name associated with your account, this name that is displayed in the sender field.

If you need to update the name on your account or you would like to add an alternate contact person for your account, follow these steps:

Click on Settings (bottom-left) > Account > Click "Edit" under Account Owner.

Changing Your Business Name

In order to qualify for a business account with Chit Chats, you must add a business name, a brief business description including a link to your website or online store.

If you have saved a business name to your account, we automatically display your business name in the sender field. If this field is empty, we will use your account name as above. To change your business name:

Click on Settings (bottom-left) > Account > Click "Edit" under Business Information.

Please note that both your account name and business name need to be 44 characters or less.