Learn how you can change your return address here.

To update your account information, simply head to your account settings (Settings > Account) where you can change your name, business name and alternate contact details. 

Account Owner

Under the Account Owner heading is where you can update your contact information, update your profile picture or add an alternate contact. Just click on “Edit” to get started.

Account Name (Profile)

Your account name is an important contact detail for your account and should display your full legal name and can be up to 44 characters. For personal accounts, this is the name displayed in the sender field on your postage.

Email Address & Phone number

Your email address and phone number is how we’ll get in touch with you regarding your account and shipments. If you update your email or phone number, you will need to verify them once again. Please note that only Canadian and U.S. phone numbers are valid e.g. (123) 456-7890. 


Your address information is important for clearing U.S. customs with your shipments. You’ll need to keep this information accurate in case there is ever an issue with your shipments at the border. 

We also use this address as the default address when scheduling Canpar pickups from your Chit Chats account. Only Canadian addresses are accepted.

Alternate Contact (Optional)

If there is someone who manages shipments on your behalf or if you are unavailable when we need to contact you about your shipments it is a good idea to add an alternate contact to your account. We’ll need the name, email address, and phone number of your alternate contact but email and phone verification is not required.


If you wish to make a change to your password, click on “Change Password” and you will be prompted to enter your new password. We encourage you to reference our best practices for creating a strong password

Business Information

If you signed up for a personal account in error or just launched your business, switching to a business account is easy. In order to have a business account with Chit Chats, you must add a business name (44 characters or less), a brief business description and links to your website or online store. For example, the URL to your business website, online marketplace storefront, crowdfunding campaign site or social media business page. A business licence is not a requirement.

If you have saved a business name to your account, we will automatically display your business name in the sender field. If this field is empty, we will use your account name as above. To change your business name click "Add business information" or "Edit" under the Business Information heading.

When selecting a business name, please be advised that it must be a minimum of two characters long. We also recommend that you use the same business name that is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency so it coincides with your federal business number