Shipping to Canada too expensive? Reach your customers* in Canada for less with Chit Chats Select. *PO box addresses are not eligible for Chit Chats Select at this time.

How it works

Our Chit Chats Select Service uses our network to get shipments into the hands of your Canadian customers. Chit Chats will process your shipment and together with our delivery partners get your shipment delivered to your customer.

Chit Chats Select can accommodate shipments up to 20 lbs and postage cost is determined by the weight, dimensions and destination of the shipment. Dimensional weight may apply.

This service is optimized for parcels or thick envelopes and may not be suitable for letters or flats.

Returns for this service can be managed by Chit Chats, however Chit Chats return labels are not available at this time.

Due to the transportation methods of this service, there may be limitations on what can be shipped. Please familiarize yourself with the restrictions specific to this service before shipping.

*Please note that Chit Chats Select is not a suitable postage type for shipments destined to Amazon Fulfillment Centres. We recommend using our Chit Chats Canada Tracked option for your Canadian Amazon FBA shipments.

Why you may want to consider Chit Chats Select for your shipments

You require tracking for your Canadian shipments

All Chit Chats Select shipments include full Chit Chats tracking, from the moment we receive your shipment to when it is delivered to your recipient. Tracking updates including a delivery confirmation can be found in your Chit Chats account or by visiting our tracking portal and searching your shipment ID.

You want to insure your shipments

This service is eligible for full coverage Chit Chats Insurance available through our platform. Adding insurance to your Chit Chats Select shipments is quick and easy. Chit Chats Insurance covers up to $400 USD in insurable value.

You want to lower your shipping costs

Our Chit Chats Select service is our best value for quick shipping right to your customers’ doors. Save big when compared with national carriers.

You ship to top Canadian destinations regularly

Our Chit Chats Select is growing to service more and more Canadians all the time. Currently, this postage type is available only for delivery to addresses in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. PO box addresses are not eligible for Chit Chats Select at this time. Due to the transportation methods of this service there are also limitations to service coverage for rural areas. However, for deliveries to commercial buildings and offices, packages will be delivered either to the front desk or the end customer. If the package is eligible for safe drop the parcel will be left in a secure location. If a safe location is not available, the delivery will be reattempted the following business day. The tracking page will always have the latest updates. 

How to purchase Chit Chats Select Postage

To purchase Chit Chats Select postage, begin by creating a shipment as you normally would. 

When creating shipments manually, be sure to select ‘parcel’ or 'thick_envelope' as your package type in order to be eligible for the Chit Chats Select service. Rates for Chit Chats Select will appear on the ‘Postage’ step for eligible addresses in Canada. 

If you're shipping to an apartment, be sure to add the buzzer number on the recipient details step (address line 2) to ensure a smooth delivery. Failure to add the necessary buzzer number may result in the shipment being returned to sender. PO boxes are not supported at this time.

If you import your shipments or use our API, make sure you update the fields as follows:

  • package_type: parcel or thick_envelope
  • postage_type: chit_chats_select

Compare Chit Chats Select with Chit Chats Canada Tracked

Chit Chats Select is another option for your Canadian shipments. The service provides greater cost savings when compared to our Canada Tracked postage type. Both services are fully tracked with delivery confirmation. Transit times are comparable and in some instances faster with Chit Chats Select.

Chit Chats Canada Tracked partners with a national carrier whereas Chit Chats Select works with a variety of trusted delivery partners to provide the competitive rates that we pass on directly to you. Chit Chats Select is ideal for shipments 20 lb or less and destined to major metropolitan cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. And unlike Chit Chats Canada Tracked, Chit Chats Select offers delivery on the weekends and the option of safe drops in cases where the recipient is unavailable during the delivery.

Getting your shipments to us

As with all of the shipment types we accept, your Chit Chats Select packages must be sorted upon their arrival at Chit Chats. You should sort your Chit Chats Select shipments alongside any Canadian shipments you may be dropping off. 

We want to ensure your parcel is sorted correctly to avoid potential delays. We cannot be responsible for any shipments that are brought to us unsorted or packaged incorrectly.