If you sell on Amazon you can use Chit Chats to send your shipments to Amazon Fulfillment warehouses (FBA). However, there are additional documentation requirements for shipments destined for U.S. warehouses. We recommend confirming the requirements for Canadian warehouses with Amazon.

After you have created shipments from Amazon in to your Chit Chats account, please take a moment to ensure that you have met the following requirements:


Invoices must be attached to all FBA shipments, regardless of their total retail values. If you are sending multiple boxes to one address you can create one invoice for all of the contents and attach a copy of the invoice to each box. Make sure that you number each invoice e.g. (1 of 5), (2 of 5), (3 of 5), etc.  Your invoices must also include the following:

  • Sender address (i.e. your Canadian business address) and recipient address. The sender name must match the return name found on your postage.
  • A detailed item description as reflected on your active Amazon.com listings*
  • The quantity of each item in the shipment
  • An accurate Amazon product ID number (ASIN or ISBN) for each item. This will be displayed in your product details.
  • The suggested total 'selling' or retail value in USD. This is the price displayed to the end buyer on your listing. The wholesale purchase (i.e. your cost) value will not be accepted as the retail value. 

For your convenience we have attached below two sample invoices that can be used to produce the required documentation for your FBA shipments.

Invoice Template (Excel)

Invoice Template (Word)

*Active listings will return the accurate retail value. If your listing is inactive, it will not return the verifiable value used during a U.S. Customs inspection.


All FBA shipments must possess two types of labels: one postage label and one FBA label obtained from Amazon. For

It is important to know that the address used on these labels will differ from the address that should appear on your invoice. Here your address should be your U.S. return address (or Chit Chat’s U.S. return address if Chit Chats manages your returns). However, your return name must match your Chit Chats account name and the sender name found on your invoice. It is the shipper's responsibility to ensure that the postage is addressed to the correct FBA address and that a suitable postage type is used.


The retail value of all items shipped to any single Amazon warehouse address cannot exceed $800 USD. Multiple shipments to a single warehouse also cannot exceed a total combined value of $800 USD. For example: 

  • Shipping a $500 USD shipment to a warehouse in PA and a $400 USD shipment to a warehouse in IL in the same day would be acceptable. 
  • Shipping one $500 USD shipment and one $400 USD shipment to a warehouse in PA in the same day would not be acceptable.


All shipments may be subject to internal and external compliance checks to ensure all policies and regulations are followed as outlined on the Shipment Compliance Declaration. Items prohibited by USPS or U.S. Customs will be rejected.