If you would like to manage U.S. and international returns yourself, you have the option to add your own U.S. return address in your return settings. If you do not have a U.S. return address, we suggest renting a PO Box that you can use to manage returns yourself. USPS offers low cost PO Box rentals. 

Using your own return address will direct your U.S. and international return shipments to this address and not one of Chit Chats’ facilities. You will not be charged any return fees for the return shipments that you manage yourself.*

We do not currently have the option to add your own Canadian return address and we charge a return fee to process Canadian customer returns. Should your customer wish to return a shipment that was successfully delivered, you can provide them with your personal or business address to send to. Alternatively, you may choose to set up a PO box for your Canadian customer returns.

Adding your U.S. return address

To make your U.S. return address your default return address, head to your returns settings (Settings, bottom-left > Returns) and:

  1. Click Add U.S. Return Address under “My own U.S. return addresses”
  2. Enter the address details. Your return name must be 44 characters or less.
  3. Click save. If you have multiple U.S. return addresses, you can add another and choose one to use as a default for your shipments.
  4. Select your return address from the drop-down menu under “Default U.S. return address”.

Your default address will be used to create new shipments unless you select another address during the 'Recipient' step when creating shipments manually.

Or if you import your shipments using our API, you have the flexibility of adding a custom U.S. return address for individual shipments by using the optional return address fields. When these fields are left blank, your default U.S. return address will be used instead. Note: importing with a custom return address will not save the address in your return settings.

Updates to your default return address must be made prior to purchasing shipments in order for the changes to be applied.

If you change your mind and would like to have Chit Chats manage your returns, you will need to make Chit Chats’ U.S. Return Address your default address and submit a Power of Attorney document.

*Exceptions apply for Asendia returns. We recommend choosing a service such as USPS International if you wish you manage international returns with a custom address.