If you would like to manage U.S. and international returns yourself, you have the option to add your own U.S. return address to your Chit Chats account. If you do not have a U.S. return address, we suggest renting a PO Box that you can use for managing your returns yourself. USPS offers low cost PO Box rentals. We do not currently have the option to add your own Canadian return address

Using your own return address will ensure that returned U.S. and U.S. routed international shipments will be sent to this address and not one of Chit Chats’ facilities. You will not be charged any service fees for the returned shipments that you manage yourself.

Adding a U.S. return address to your account

To add a U.S. return address you will need to follow these steps to updating your returns settings (Settings, bottom-left > Returns).

  1. Select the Return to Me method from the drop-down.
  2. Select My Own U.S. Return Address
  3. Click Add U.S. Return Address

If you choose to add multiple U.S. return addresses, you will need to indicate which to use for your shipments. This address is considered to be your Default Return Address and can be changed by selecting Edit for the preferred return address and clicking Make default return address.

Updates to your return address must be made prior to creating shipments for the changes to be applied. If you have changed your return address after starting a new shipment or import, you will need to delete and start again for the new return address information to take effect.

Additionally, your return name must be 44 characters or less.

*Exceptions may apply for Asendia returns.