Chit Chats charges return fees to handle and bring back return shipments. Return fees apply to all returns managed by Chit Chats including shipments that use our U.S. return address and all Canadian shipments. The associated return fees reflect the administrative and logistical cost required to process shipments back to the sender. Chit Chats provides low-cost postage which doesn't include the cost of a return as we take pride in providing services with high deliverability rates to our clients. This is different from what you may expect from a retail service which incorporates the cost of returns in the postage cost.

Alternatively, for U.S. and international shipments you can manage your own returns or use our disposal address at no additional charge. Currently, there is no return service available for Chit Chats International Tracked shipments.

Chit Chats Returns Fees

Shipment TypeFee
U.S. & International letters and cards$2.50 per shipment
U.S. & International (envelopes and parcels)
Chit Chats Slim
Canadian customer returns without Chit Chats postage
$7 per shipment
All other Canadian returnsOriginal cost of postage*

Return fees are charged directly to your account once we receive your return at one of our facilities and begin processing. You can always find the details of any return fees in your transactions including tracking numbers and shipment IDs for returns mailed back to you.

Other Associated Fees

Other fees may apply to have your shipment returned to you. These charges are in addition to the above return fee and are added directly to your account once we process your return shipment at our facility. These fees are based on a number of factors, the costs can vary. 

Fees for Chit Chats Return Labels

If you take advantage of Chit Chats return labels to manage your Chit Chats Canada Tracked customer returns, you will be charged for the return postage label only if it has been used by your customer. The return label fee will be applied to your account credits only after our partner carrier scans your return. 

Please note that this fee can differ from the estimated fee given at the time that the return label was generated. Most often, this will occur if your customer returns their shipment in different packaging. For this reason we recommend encouraging your customers to return their orders using the original packaging whenever possible.

Fees for "Mail Back to Me" Option

If you have selected to have your returns mailed back to your location ("Mail back to me") an additional fee will apply for the cost of shipping the return to you. This return option is the most popular when you mail-in your shipments and you cannot make it to one of our branches to pick up a return.

Fees for Insufficient Postage 

Shipments that are returned due to insufficient postage will also be charged postage due upon their return. 

These fees can also apply for shipments sent with postage that does not include a return service. In such cases, the carrier may select a different service at their discretion in order to return the shipment to the sender. (e.g. Original shipment sent via USPS Media Mail with USPS Priority Mail used for its return.) Once again, any differences in postage cost will be charged as postage due upon their return.

Fees for Failed Returns

Should the delivery of your mailed back returns be unsuccessful due to an incorrect address, or if the shipment goes unclaimed, a charge will result from the carrier having to bring the package back to our warehouse. At this point, you will need to contact our client support to decide how you'd like to collect the bounced return. If you choose to have the package resent, an additional postage fee will apply.

We will charge the applicable fees for your return shipments once we've processed them at one of our facilities. 

*Based on the weight, dimensions and destination of the shipment plus applicable taxes as our partner carriers such as Canada Post, charge the sender for the return of undeliverable shipments. This will appear in your transactions as a return postage due fee.