You can set up your Chit Chats account to import your orders from WooCommerce in just 6 easy steps saving you time and effort when creating your shipments. Our WooCommerce integration supports connecting multiple WooCommerce stores. Find all of our store integration options here

To add a WooCommerce store, log into your Chit Chats account and navigate to your Settings (bottom left). Click on Sales Channels > Connect WooCommerce Store. Or click on Import (top left) > Connect a Store > Connect WooCommerce Store.

Instructions will pop up to help guide you through the process. 

1. Begin by logging into your WooCommerce account to start the integration. Go to the admin page of your WooCommerce site in the left menu.

2. Navigate to “Settings” at the bottom of the left menu > “Permalinks” and enable them if they are disabled.

3. Select “WooCommerce” located on the left menu > “Settings” and click on the “Advanced” tab and then “Rest API”

4. Select "Add Key". Fill in the “Description” box and select “Read/Write” from the “Permissions” drop down. Click "Generate API Key".

5. Copy the "Consumer Key" and "Customer Secret" and insert into the lines provided in your Chit Chats account.  Entering in the correct customer key and customer secret will be important for the integration. Be sure to copy these correctly.

6. Enter the store URL and click “Save”. 

*To prevent a 404 error, be sure to input your admin store URL, omitting the Wordpress path. (e.g. not

Congratulations! You have just integrated your WooCommerce store with Chit Chats. You’re now ready to import orders from your store with the click of a button. Or repeat these steps to connect another WooCommerce store. Simply input the unique store URL during the integration process .

Integrating your store will not display live Chit Chats shipping rates to your customers but many Chit Chats clients find it helpful to create standard shipping rates for their items based on our pricing. If you experience difficulty with connecting your account, please contact us with your client ID.

Importing orders

WooCommerce clients should take advantage of either the bulk editor tool or shipping presets feature to update their shipment information as the size and weights of shipments will not be imported. This is the same for IOSS or other custom tax reference numbers. Reference this support article for the correct formatting of IOSS or VAT custom numbers. If you choose to provide the recipient phone numbers, they will be automatically imported. 

Fulfilling WooCommerce Orders with Chit Chats

Once you have paid for postage, you will be provided with the partner carrier’s tracking number. However, you can choose when to fulfill your WooCommerce orders and mark them as shipped by sending carrier tracking to your store. Learn more on how to change your store fulfilment settings.