Expecting a Chit Chats Collect shipment? If your seller offers this delivery option, you will be able to pick up your shipment at a Chit Chats branch in your area.

Chit Chats Collect is a low-cost option for Canadian shipments that provides convenience and flexibility.  You can quickly and easily pick up your shipment from a nearby Chit Chats branch by following the instructions below.

Notifications for shipment pickup

Once your shipment is ready for pickup at a Chit Chats branch near you, you'll receive a notification by SMS or email.

This notification will contain a link (beginning with chitchats.com) to view the shipment tracking. We will never ask you for payment or other personal information via SMS or email.

Haven’t received your notification? Learn how to search our tracking page for updates on your shipment’s journey.

If you have not received an email notification and it is past the estimated delivery date, please check your spam folder as it may be incorrectly classified as junk mail or reach out to our support team with your shipment ID.

You’ll also receive a reminder when your shipment nears the end of the pickup window. If you are unable to pick up your shipment during this time, you can extend the pickup window.

Visiting the Branch

To make things easy and convenient, your pickup notification will include a link to your tracking page with details on where to pick up your shipment, the branch hours of operation and the phone number.

To collect your shipment, please have the following information ready for our staff: 

After you’ve successfully collected your package from a Chit Chats branch, the shipment tracking will update to “delivered”.

Extending a Pick-Up Window

Your package will be available for pickup at our branch for seven business days. If you cannot collect your shipment within this time, please contact our support team at our toll free number 1-844-842-8777 to extend the pickup date.

After the seventh business day, we will process your shipment for its return to the seller. 

Returning Chit Chats Collect Shipments

If you’d like to return your shipment after successfully collecting your package from a Chit Chats branch, please contact your seller for more details on their return policy. You will need to coordinate with them directly to create return postage for the shipment.