The pandemic has caused unprecedented delays with shipping and our partner carriers are experiencing significant delays in transit times. Due to limited transportation availability and increased safety measures most carriers have removed any service guarantees. Delivery times are always estimated and never guaranteed. We strongly suggest advising your customers of these delays accordingly.

Most shipments receive regular tracking updates throughout their transit. This includes updates from the time they are received by Chit Chats to when delivery is confirmed by our partner carriers. And in some cases, delivery may be confirmed by asking for the recipient’s signature

While all tracking events will be made available to you as soon as possible, please keep in mind that full tracking may not be included for all services. For detailed information on how to track shipments by destination please see the following:

Please remember that delivery times are always estimated in business days and are not guaranteed. 

Chit Chats Tracking Portal

Tracking information can be accessed by either the sender or the recipient through our tracking portal. In order to track your shipment, please make sure that you have either the shipment ID or carrier tracking number ready. Each shipment created in Chit Chats is given a Shipment ID as carrier tracking is not always available.

  1. On the Chit Chats homepage, click Track Shipments (top of page)
  2. Enter your shipment ID or carrier tracking number and click Track
  3. Chit Chats Tracking updates should appear on the public tracking page similar to the below. Learn more about each tracking status here.

All tracking updates will be pulled to this tracking page. However, if a carrier tracking number is available you can also view tracking updates directly from the carrier’s website. Either click on the tracking link from our portal or search the tracking number on the carrier’s website. Please note that carrier tracking events may not be displayed in your timezone. For this reason, timestamps for carrier tracking events may differ from timestamps for Chit Chats tracking events.

If you want more information on tracking shipments, please check out the estimated delivery time for your shipment and learn tips for what to do while waiting for your shipment to arrive.

Chit Chats Client Account

As a Chit Chats client you can also access tracking information from within your account. Login to get a quick update on all your shipments by browsing the shipment statuses or by heading to your All Shipments tab to export a custom CSV report

Or you can look into the details or a particular shipment by selecting it and clicking on ‘Tracking History’ (right sidebar). This will show you a view of tracking similar to how it is displayed on our tracking portal.

Note: If you have connected your store to your Chit Chats account, you can change when your recipients are notified of tracking for their shipment.