A shipment may go through many states before being delivered. Learn more about what each tracking status means below. Please note that tracking updates from our partner carriers will be displayed in English only.

Shipment Created

Postage has been created for the shipment, however it is still with the sender or seller and has not yet been shipped. 

Received by Chit Chats

The seller or sender has handed off the shipment to Chit Chats for processing.

Transferred to Carrier

The shipment is in transit and Chit Chats has handed it over to the carrier. For some international shipments, our partner carriers may transfer the shipment to a secondary carrier in the destination country.


The shipment has been confirmed as being delivered by a carrier tracking update. 


The shipment has encountered a potential issue or delay during its transit, however it may still go on to be delivered. For example, the recipient was not available to receive the shipment. You will need to check the tracking events for more information.