The pandemic has caused unprecedented delays with shipping and our partner carriers are experiencing significant delays in transit times. Due to limited transportation availability and increased safety measures most carriers have removed any service guarantees. Delivery times are always estimated and never guaranteed. We strongly suggest advising your customers of these delays accordingly.

A shipment may go through many states before being delivered. Below are some of the different shipment categories and states you can expect to see.


The shipment is with the shipper.

Incomplete: The shipment is missing required information and is not ready to be received.

Unpaid: Postage has been indicated for the shipment however the postage, delivery fee, or both have yet to be purchased.

Postage Expired: The rate for selected but not yet purchased postage is no longer available. You must refresh the postage rates and select a new rate.

Ready: Full details have been provided for the shipment and all applicable fees have been paid. The shipment can now be received by Chit Chats.

In Transit

The shipment is on route, either with Chit Chats or the carrier.

Received: The shipment has been received by Chit Chats.

Released: The shipment was dropped off to the carrier.

Inducted: Confirmation was received via tracking event that the carrier is in possession of the shipment.


A shipment will be moved to the delivered state once confirmed by carrier tracking update.


Shipments that do not receive a delivery confirmation will be moved from In Transit and archived after 60 days. This includes shipments without full tracking (i.e. non-tracked & partially tracked) or shipments with exceptionally long transit times.

Note: As carriers will often recycle tracking numbers, shipments will be archived to prevent duplicates.


The shipment status has been resolved with issues during its transit. You will need to check the tracking events for more information.

Note: It is possible for a shipment to be delivered even with an exception in its history.


A refund has been requested for the shipment. Delivery and insurance fees will be refunded immediately. The request for a postage refund may either be approved or rejected by the carrier.