For the estimated delivery times for your shipments, see here. Learn how to track your shipments here.

Our partner carriers such as USPS provide tracking for a majority of the services offered on the Chit Chats platform. We refer to this as partner carrier tracking. The partner carrier is responsible for updating the carrier tracking with all of the tracking events for your shipment beginning once we transfer it to them.

If the postage you purchased on Chit Chats is eligible for partner carrier tracking, you will immediately receive a carrier tracking number for the shipment. Find the carrier used for your shipment here.

Partner carrier tracking updates will display within your Chit Chats account alongside tracking events from Chit Chats. You can also view tracking updates directly from the carrier by going to the partner carrier’s tracking page.

  1. Enter the carrier's tracking number on their tracking page or 
  2. Click on the carrier tracking number directly from the shipment details within your Chit Chats account.

Please note that carrier tracking events may not be displayed in your time zone.

Depending on the destination and service, tracking updates will be provided along the shipment’s journey whenever the partner carrier processes and scans the shipment. Only some services are eligible for a final delivery confirmation with partner carrier tracking. 

Sometimes shipments without a delivery confirmation are referred to as having partial tracking. Depending on the carrier, service and destination, the amount of tracking events may vary for partially tracked shipments. And as there is no final delivery tracking update, the Chit Chats platform marks these types of shipments as "archived" after 60 days have passed.