It is your responsibility to ensure all information for your shipment is accurately represented when creating postage. If insufficient postage is paid for a shipment, there is the possibility that:

Your shipment may be refused and returned by the carrier.

The carrier may deem the postage amount to be insufficient for the delivery of the shipment and refuse to ship the item as is. The shipment may then be returned for the postage to be corrected. This process would delay the shipment and may also incur additional costs in order to get the shipment back to you.

Your recipient may be asked to pay the difference in postage or “postage due”.

The carrier may deem the postage amount to be insufficient but rather than delay the shipment, the difference in postage is relayed to the recipient. This makes for a less than ideal experience for both you and your recipients.

We may contact you to correct the postage.

If we notice that your shipment has incorrect postage applied, we will contact you before handing off to the carrier. This may delay your shipments and you may be asked to retrieve the packages to make the necessary adjustments. Please note, we may make the decision to suspend your account as a result of multiple occurrences with insufficient postage.

A postage adjustment may be applied.

Rather than delay the shipment or inconvenience the recipient, the carrier will automatically pass along the difference in postage or "postage adjustment" to the shipper and potentially administer an additional surcharge for the error.

USPS charges a $1.50 USD fee shipments with insufficient postage that exceeds 20" to 30" inches or are more than 2 cubic feet. Should your package incur this type of fee, it will be automatically applied to your Chit Chats account. 

Learn more on how to avoid underpaying postage to prevent unnecessary delays and charges for your shipment.