Insurance in Canada is offered and administered through Hub International Ontario Limited/Hub Insurance Brokers and Continental Casualty Company Limited.

All eligible postage purchased on the Chit Chats platform is by default, opted into loss or damage coverage starting at $0.49 CAD.*

How much does Chit Chats Insurance cost

Chit Chats Insurance protects your shipments for up to 86% cheaper than other insurance providers. While most carrier insurance offers base coverage of $100, Chit Chats Insurance allows you to insure shipments of higher value.

If you are shipping high value items we strongly recommend adding Chit Chats Insurance as this will allow you to minimize any potential loss should something unexpected occur.

Chit Chats Insurance is calculated based on the insurable value of your shipment in increments of $100. Two factors determine the insurable value:

The insurable value of the shipment is calculated at the time of postage purchase and is reported to the insurer in USD.

If the insurable value of the shipment is greater than $100, additional coverage is available for each additional $100 USD (or part thereof) with the cost of insurance as displayed in the table below. Insurance is not charged tax.

Service$0.01 to $100 USD of Insurable Value$100.01 - $200 USD$200.01 - $300 USD$300.01 - $400 USD
Chit Chats Canada Tracked$0.49 CAD$2.48 CAD$4.47 CAD$6.46 CAD
USPS First Class
USPS Priority Mail
Chit Chats US Tracked
Chit Chats US Economy Tracked
$0.49 CAD$2.48 CAD$4.47 CADN/A
USPS First Class International
USPS Priority Mail International
Asendia International
Chit Chats International Tracked
$1.49 CAD$2.98 CAD$4.47 CADN/A

For example, a USPS Priority Mail shipment with a declared retail value of $90 USD and postage cost of $20 USD, would have an insurable value of $110 USD. The cost of the insurance would then be $2.48 CAD ($0.49 for the first $100 of insurable value plus $1.99 for the remainder of the insurable value).

Maximum Insurable Value

The maximum insurable value for Chit Chats Insurance depends on the service used:

  • $300 USD for shipments sent via the U.S. (e.g. USPS, UPS MI, Chit Chats U.S. Tracked & Asendia)**
  • $400 USD for Chit Chats Canada Tracked shipments

Shipments with retail values exceeding these maximums will only have partial coverage up to the maximum amount. E.g. A Canadian shipment with a retail value of $700 USD is eligible for insurance coverage of $400 USD. This is the total insured amount of the shipment.

What Chit Chats Insurance covers

If you purchase Chit Chats Insurance for your eligible shipments, they are insured from the time Chit Chats receives them and hands off to the carrier until delivery to your recipient. Chit Chats Insurance will provide coverage for any loss or damage to your shipments during this entire time. Unlike carrier insurance Chit Chats Insurance covers shipments from the moment we receive your shipment.

Since delivery estimates are not guaranteed, shipments that have exceeded the expected transit time are not covered by Chit Chats Insurance. 

Important: Your shipments must be received by Chit Chats (i.e. via scan) in order to be covered by Chit Chats Insurance. Shipments are not covered while they are in transit to Chit Chats. If you are shipping high value items, we encourage you to research additional insurance coverage to cover your shipments while they are in transit to Chit Chats. You must confirm the coverage rules for any supplemental coverage you purchase through another provider.

Loss or non-delivery

Shipments that are deemed lost in transit are covered by Chit Chats Insurance. Shipments that are delayed but still in transit, are generally not considered lost and a claim may be denied. You may be required to provide proof of non-receipt from your customer when filing a claim for loss e.g. proof that a delivery error occurred. For most approved claims, the insured value will be offered for reimbursement. Any dispute of a denied claim should be sent to


Shipments damaged during transit are covered by Chit Chats Insurance. You may be required to provide pictures of the shipment and its contents when filing an insurance claim for damage. Typically, the reimbursement for a damage claim will include only the declared retail value of the shipment contents.

Claims for Chit Chats Insurance do not offer coverage for handling or insurance fees. For the full terms and conditions of Chit Chats Insurance coverage, please see our insurer’s coverage rules.

*Insurance is not charged tax.
**Service availability may vary.