The Chit Chats platform operates on credits that you are able to add to your account with a payment method. Credits are used to pay for the goods and services that we offer through our platform such as shipments, pickup and return fees. Your payment method will only be charged when you add credits.

For example, when you print a shipping label through Chit Chats, credits will be deducted from your account for the postage, insurance and delivery fees if applicable. (i.e.: each U.S. bound shipment is charged delivery fee starting at $0.25, to transport across the border). All prices and credits are in Canadian dollars.

In your account under Shipments, you will see a summary of available credit and unpaid fees. 

Available credit is the total of the funds you have on your account for making charges. Available credit can be used for postage, pickup fees, paying for supplies, etc.

Unpaid fees are the total of the outstanding postage, insurance and delivery fees. These fees are deducted from your available credit when you purchase postage before printing your labels. 

Alternately, if you created a shipment that you no longer plan on sending, deleting the shipment will remove the shipment fees from your unpaid fees.