Chit Chats charges return fees to bring back and process returned shipments. Return fees apply to all Canada Tracked shipments. For U.S. and international shipments, return fees apply only if you have opted in to have Chit Chats manage your returns. Return fees are charged directly to your account once the return shipment is received by your Chit Chats hub. You can always find the details of any return fees in your transactions.

Other fees may apply for additional services such as mailing returned shipments to your location. Shipments that are returned due to insufficient postage will also be charged postage due upon their return. 

U.S. and international shipments using Chit Chats’ U.S. return address can be brought back into Canada and returned to you with the following return fees: 

  • Atlantic region $7 per shipment
  • Quebec region $6 per shipment
  • Ontario, BC and Alberta regions $5 per shipment 

Canadian shipments that are returned will have the following return fee:

  • Chit Chats Canada Tracked shipments will be charged a return fee based on the weight, dimensions and destination of the shipment*

Other additional charges are as follows:

  • UPS Mail Innovations shipments do not include return postage and will incur a postage fee in addition to the return fee
  • Chit Chats International Standard shipments are not charged a service fee
  • Mailing returns back to your location (if applicable)

We do not offer a relabelling service for undeliverable shipments that are returned to us at this time. Shipments received in one of our facilities will be processed and the applicable fees will be charged upon their arrival at a Chit Chats hub. Alternatively, you can manage your own returns or dispose of your U.S. returns at no charge.

*Plus applicable taxes