At Chit Chats, we place a great importance on our shipping rules including prohibited items, value limits and other points outlined in our declaration. Ensuring that shipments are compliant helps us maintain the good relationships we have with U.S. Customs and with our partner carriers. And in turn, these relationships let us provide you with great postage rates and avoid unnecessary shipment delays.

The two main considerations for what you can or cannot ship with Chit Chats are value and content.


The value of your shipments is important. You must accurately describe the retail value of each shipment you create in your Chit Chats account as this information is important for insurance and customs purposes.

There are different maximum values for a shipments depending on their destination

  • Shipments destined for Canadian addresses cannot exceed $2500 CAD.
  • U.S. & International shipments cannot exceed a maximum of $800 USD to one address per day. This includes the total combined value of shipments to Amazon FBA warehouses
    • Gifts cannot exceed $100 USD

Additionally, invoices are mandatory for gifts, collectibles, Amazon FBA shipments & shipments with values greater than $300 USD.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate shipments containing:

  • Items that have not yet been sold 
  • Items sent for the purpose of valuation e.g. grading sports cards and other collectibles

This is because the true retail value of these items cannot be provided at the time of shipment creation.


Depending on where you are sending your shipment, you’ll need to check that it meets the requirements of the relevant carrier and customs bodies. The table below indicates the restrictions applying to Canada, the U.S. and internationally.

Carrier RestrictionsU.S. Customs RegulationsInternational Customs Regulations


While we are able to assist with general information on shipping rules and regulations, you are ultimately responsible for doing your research before you ship. We recommend that you check for any carrier or country-specific restrictions before you ship. Please note that all international shipments sent with Chit Chats transit through the United States and are subject to U.S. Customs regulations in addition to customs in the destination country.

Also depending on the type of contents some services may not be available. For example, only documents can be sent using USPS First Class Mail International. If you are shipping merchandise internationally the available services are : Chit Chats International Tracked, USPS First Class Package International or USPS Priority Mail.

Prohibited vs Restricted Items

Whether dictated by the carrier or by customs, some items have constraints due to safety, copyright restrictions or other concerns. Prohibited items are items that cannot be shipped under any circumstance. Whereas restricted items may be shipped if they follow strict guidelines for packaging and/or quantity, batteries being one example.

Chit Chats strictly adheres to all United States Customs Rules and Regulations. As a result, some items are prohibited from being shipped with Chit Chats to the United States. We are not permitted to ship products with items regulated that are by:

  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection (US CBP)
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
  • Transport Security Administration (TSA)
  • US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) 

Also, please note that most items are not permitted to be shipped to U.S.-sanctioned countries via the USPS without additional documentation. Please consult USPS's guide for more information and the most current list of affected countries.

The following is a general list of items you cannot ship across the U.S. border via Chit Chats. Please note that the information below also applies to all international shipments sent with Chit Chats as they cross the U.S. border during transit.

Categories of items that cannot ship across the U.S. border and internationallyExamples of items that cannot ship across the U.S. border and internationally
All food and beveragesCandy, tea, coffee, pet foods, sauces, spices
Medical devicesThermometers, dental instruments, hearing aids
MedicinePrescription & non-prescription medication, Over-the-counter goods with DIN, items containing SPF
Drugs, tobacco and alcoholCannabis, narcotics and other illicit substances, drug paraphernalia such as vape pens, e-cigarettes
Dietary supplementsVitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids
EyewearPrescription & non-prescription glasses
WeaponsFirearms, ammunition and weapons of any kind
Plant matterIncludes seeds
Chemicals, hazardous materials or combustiblesAerosols, oxygen, dry ice, products containing lead paint
KnockoffsProducts in violation of copyright, patent and trademark laws
Human remainsAshes, human hair
AnimalsLive, skeletons, endangered animal furs

*There may be additional labelling requirements for some items.

If your item is not listed above, please check our comprehensive (but not exhaustive) list. Carriers have their own restrictions on what they can and can't ship. It is up to you to ensure that your shipments are in accordance with each carrier's restrictions. Packages may be subject to random internal and external compliance checks. This process includes opening the package to verify the declared shipment information. Any parcels subject to a compliance check are handled with the utmost care and resealed in close proximity of how the parcel was originally packaged.

Still unclear on whether your item is prohibited or restricted? Our Compliance team would be happy to determine whether or not we can accommodate your item. Please reach out to us with the following information:

  • A detailed description of the item
  • Images, if applicable
  • A link to your product listing, if applicable