Insurance in Canada is offered and administered through Hub International Ontario Limited/Hub Insurance Brokers and Continental Casualty Company Limited.

By default, all fully tracked postage purchased on the Chit Chats platform is opted into Chit Chats Insurance. While we strongly recommend adding insurance to all of your eligible shipments, you do have the option to change this in your account settings. 

Opting out of Chit Chats Insurance simply means the shipments you create will no longer have insurance pre-selected. You still have the option to manually add insurance to eligible shipments as desired. This means that you will need to individually add Chit Chats Insurance to your shipment or update your insurance settings.

If you do not want to opt out of Chit Chats Insurance on an account level, you can choose to remain opted in and include or exclude insurance on a shipment level instead.

Important! As per our Refund Policy when your shipments are not insured, you agree to waive any claim to refunds or reimbursement for lost or damaged goods, whether the loss or damage occurred before or after Chit Chats receives them.

If your shipment does not have default carrier insurance any loss or damage will not be eligible for a possible claim with the carrier.

Should you choose to insure your shipments with another provider, you are responsible for confirming the details of their coverage rules and claims process with the provider directly.

Updating your insurance preferences

  1. Log in to your Chit Chats account and go to your Shipping settings. Settings (left sidebar) > Shipping or click here.
  2. Under the Chit Chats Insurance section, select your preferred option:
  • Always include insurance with my shipments (unless I manually remove) or
  • I want to manually add insurance to my shipments (opt out)

Selecting an option will save your preferences.