There are times when a shipment doesn’t travel smoothly as you would expect. For example, the shipment is lost or damaged. It’s unfortunate, but it can happen. That’s why there is insurance to provide you with peace of mind.

There are two types of insurance that you may encounter while creating shipments on the Chit Chats platform: 

  • Chit Chats Insurance
  • Carrier insurance.

Chit Chats Insurance

Chit Chats Insurance is a low-cost and effective way to insure your shipment during its transit. Compared to other insurance providers, Chit Chats Insurance costs up to 86% less for full coverage on eligible shipments. Unlike basic carrier insurance, your shipment is covered from the time Chit Chats receives the package, to hand-off to the carrier and through final delivery to your recipient. Shipments are not covered while they are in transit to Chit Chats.

Chit Chats Insurance is provided by U-PIC Insurance Services, an internationally known shipping insurance provider and is available for shipments to the U.S., Canada and international destinations. Our insurance can be purchased for eligible shipments directly from within your Chit Chats account and provides coverage for loss and damage starting at just $0.49 CAD for coverage of up to $100. Maximum coverage of up to $400 can be purchased, however eligibility is dependent on the service used and value of your shipment. Refer to the tables to find examples of how insurance is calculated based on the service and value. Unlike insurance from some carriers, Chit Chats Insurance does not cover delayed shipments as shipping times are estimated and not guaranteed. 

Quick and easy paperless claims can be filed directly from your account to be reviewed and processed by U-PIC on behalf of Chit Chats. Once approved, you can expect to be reimbursed via cheque.* Insurance in Canada is offered and administered through Hub International Ontario Limited/Hub Insurance Brokers and Continental Casualty Company Limited. 

Carrier Insurance

Carriers will often act as the insurer of a shipment, providing a fixed value amount of coverage. Depending on the carrier, basic insurance options to cover loss and damage may only be available for select services or postage types.

Basic carrier insurance provides coverage only from the moment the partner carrier receives the shipment into their system. This happens after Chit Chats processes the shipment and hands it off to the carrier for delivery to your recipient.

In most cases, you will need to file a carrier insurance claim directly with the carrier. For example, USPS Priority Mail International offers basic carrier insurance up to $200 USD for international shipments. To file a claim you will need to submit it directly through USPS’ website.*

The exceptions to this are Chit Chats Canada Tracked and our Canpar courier pickups. These services include basic carrier insurance up to $100 CAD and to file a claim you will need to submit directly through Chit Chats.*

Chit Chats does not have visibility on carrier insurance claims except for Chit Chats Canada Tracked and Canpar courier pickups. Reimbursement is issued to you through the carrier and any correspondence or updates must be coordinated directly with the carrier.

*In order for your claim to be reviewed, you will be required to provide recipient contact details like email addresses or phone numbers.