Depending on the type of return you have, there may be slight differences in how you track it with the partner carrier.*

  • Undeliverable shipments are returned to sender and can generally be tracked using the original tracking number of the shipment.
  • Customer returns typically involve creating new postage and can be tracked on the carrier's website using the new tracking number. For a flexible and fully tracked option, we recommend sending your customer Chit Chats return labels for their orders. You can track these return shipments with updates in your Chit Chats account. 

If you experience difficulties with tracking your return, we encourage you to go directly to the carrier for updates. Common carrier tracking updates for returns include:

  • Delivery Exception - Returned to Shipper
  • Return to Sender Processed
  • Delivered to Original Shipper

This means that your shipment is either on its way back or has been returned to the return address on the postage label. If you use Chit Chats' return address, your shipment will need additional time to be processed and returned to you.

Once we receive and process your return, you will be able to track it from the Returns tab in your Chit Chats account. There are the following statuses for returns:

  • On Hold: We’ve received your return but before we can process it you must update your returns settings (e.g. select a return method, select a return address) or wait for your POA and CARM registration to be approved.
  • In Transit: We’ve received the return and we are processing it to send back to you
  • Ready: Your return is waiting to be picked up from your preferred branch
  • Returned: Your return has been picked up from your branch
  • Returned by mail:  Your return is in transit to you with our partner carrier. Please allow additional transit time for your shipment to return to you.
  • Disposed: Your return has been disposed of

You can also click on any particular return shipment for more tracking history. 

If your returns are mailed back to you, you'll find the tracking number and shipment IDs for your consolidated* returns in your transaction details once our team processes the postage fee for your returns. *If you have more than one return we will consolidate them into one package rather than sending them back separately. 

Please note that we do not permit the use of our U.S. return address for the purpose of importation. Only returns originally shipped through Chit Chats will be managed and processed.

If you use Chit Chats' U.S. return address for your customer returns, please have your customers include your Chit Chats account name and your client ID on the postage label. We will be unable to process any returns that cannot be associated with your account.

*Return service is unavailable for Chit Chats International Tracked shipments.