Reviewing your past shipments can be easily done from your Chit Chats account. You can access details and tracking information for all your recent shipments in one place. 

However, respecting your privacy and the privacy of your customers is very important to us. That’s why we remove personally identifiable information (PII) from your shipments after 90 days. This includes the recipient last name, address and phone number. After 90 days the word ‘Redacted’ will appear in place of this information. The first names of recipients will be preserved and in the case where there is no last name provided, the entire name will be preserved.

Additionally, the Chit Chats platform does not support shipments older than 15 months unless they are still in transit. Shipments in the delivered, archived, exception, voided or deleted statuses will be removed from the platform 15 months after the date they were created. This helps keep your customer’s information safe and your Chit Chats account organized.

Please note that we are not able to retrieve customer details for shipments older than 90 days or shipment information for resolved shipments older than 15 months. We highly recommend regularly exporting this information for your own records.

You can export a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file containing the following shipment details.

  • Shipment ID
  • Shipment Status
  • Recipient Address
  • Return Address
  • Package Contents, Package Description, Value, Currency, Order ID & Store
  • Package Type, Unit of Measurement, Dimensions, Unit for Weight, Weight
  • Insurance, Signature Confirmation
  • Postage Type, Carrier, Carrier Tracking Number, Tracking URL, Ship Date
  • Shipment Cost, Provincial & Federal Tax, Postage Fee, Insurance Fee
  • Date Created

How to export shipment data

To export a CSV file of your shipment data, login to your Chit Chats account and click on Shipments > All Shipments (left-sidebar).

Here you can refine your search by

  • choosing a custom date range
  • filtering for a shipment status
  • selecting a batch or
  • searching for a particular shipment

Once you’ve narrowed down your shipments, click on the ‘Export’ button to download the CSV of your shipments.

Important! Your tracking numbers may appear truncated upon exporting the CSV file. Should this happen, you will need to convert your tracking numbers from scientific notation.