We outline all of the regular services that Chit Chats provides in our Terms of Service. Additional tasks outside of our scope of service can take away from the time spent processing your packages.This extra time spent is costly and can cause delays to your shipments and others’ and this jeopardizes our business and yours.

In an effort to keep costs low for all clients and shipments moving as efficiently as possible, we charge an administrative fee for special services outside of regular shipment processing. You can find any administrative fees applied to your account in your transactions. All administrative fees are subject to applicable taxes.

Administrative Fees for Special Services

The below services fall outside our scope of service. This means that the availability of these special services is dependent on the present processing capacities of our locations.

Invoice Printing

Certain shipments require a sales invoice to be attached to the outer packaging. We will ask you to provide one if you have forgotten to attach one for your shipment.

If you are unable to resolve the issue yourself by visiting one of our branches, we may offer to print and attach the invoice on your behalf. Each invoice printing request will incur a $5 administrative fee.

Printing & Labelling

You can print postage labels from anywhere using your Chit Chats account. It’s easy to get printing whether you have a thermal or desktop printer.

If your shipment is missing a label, has the wrong label applied or the label is illegible and you cannot arrange to resolve the issue yourself by visiting one of our branches, we may offer to print and label the shipments on your behalf. The administrative fee for this service is $5 per label up to a maximum of 5 shipments physically labelled.

Unmanifested Shipments

It is the shipper’s responsibility to accurately declare the shipments sent to Chit Chats. This includes uploading the shipment information to your account for each shipment that you drop off. 

If you have dropped off shipments that have not been manifested in your account we will contact you and hold your shipments aside until the required information has been uploaded. A $5 administrative fee will be applied to your account.

Shipment Intercept

If you need to request a shipment be stopped for any reason after sending it to us, please notify us as soon as possible to see if an interception can be made. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we will be able to perform a shipment intercept or that it will be successful. An administrative fee of $10 will be applied for successful shipment interceptions.

In addition to the above, we may also apply a $50 administrative fee to resolve serious processing or compliance issues.

We understand that mistakes happen. If you need help with assessing and adapting your workflow, please contact us.