If something has happened to your shipment (i.e. a cancelled order) and you need it to be stopped: 

  • If the shipment is still with Chit Chats, please contact us and we will try our best to retrieve it for you. Please note that this is not guaranteed as we process shipments in order to hand them off to our partner carriers on time. 
  • If the shipment is already handed off to our partner carriers, you will need to contact the carrier directly to see if they are able to intercept the shipment.

Once the shipment has been passed on to a partner carrier we can no longer assist with an interception. Check your tracking to see if it is already with the carrier. If so, we recommend contacting them directly to request to have the shipment intercepted.

We have a small window for intercepting shipments and therefore we cannot make any guarantee that we or our partner carriers will be able to successfully intercept your shipment. Additional administrative fees and applicable taxes may apply.

We highly recommend ensuring shipment details are accurate before dropping off your shipments.

Contact for Carrier Interceptions

If the carrier of your shipment is not listed, our CS team may need to communicate with the carrier on your behalf.


USPS has an online form for their Package Intercept service. If you need help with completing the form, our support is available for assistance, however you will be required to create your own USPS account. Additional contact details below:

Canada Post

Canada Post also provides an online contact form for their package redirection service. Additional contact details below: