Shipments that are inaccurately measured can cause packages to have underpaid postage. Underpaid postage may result in transit delays, postage dues for your recipient and/or postage adjustments from the carrier. There are three main considerations for avoiding underpaid postage:

Accurately entering the weight and dimensions of the shipment

  • Always weigh and measure your shipments after packaging them. While your packaging may not weigh very much, a discrepancy of 100 g can make a large difference. Depending on the overall weight and service, your packaging may put your shipment into a different weight class for postage.
  • Accurately measure the length, width and height of your shipments as dimensional weight may apply. For irregularly shaped parcels, dimensions should be measured as if the piece was rectangular.
    • Ex. When measuring a tube, its diameter should be used for both the shipment height and width.
  • Measure the weights of your shipments on an accurate and calibrated package scale. Always round up:
    • To the nearest pound for U.S. postage. Ex. 7.2 lbs should be rounded to 8 lbs.
    • To the nearest ounce for international postage and shipments less than 1 lb. Ex. 4.8 oz should be rounded to 5 oz.
    • To the nearest 500 g for Canadian postage. Ex. 700 g should be rounded to 1000 g (1 kg).

If you import shipments from your store:

  • Make sure that the product entries for all of your SKUs contain the correct weights and dimensions including your packaging. 
    • Ex. If you use our Shopify integration for your shipments and you want to ship a 450 g book in a 100 g envelope, your product entry should list this SKU at 550 g.
  • Verify the accuracy of all information. It is the shipper’s responsibility to provide accurate information as any inaccurate information can result in:
    • Postage adjustments due to insufficient postage
    • Possible shipping delays
    • Undeliverable shipments (returns)
    • Additional administrative fees 

Choosing the correct service for your shipment / packaging 

  • USPS Media Mail postage can only be purchased for shipments solely containing qualifying media content.*
  • USPS First Class Mail can only be used for letters cards and flat envelops.

We encourage you to learn more on calculating correct postage from USPS or you can check out our tips on how to properly package your shipments.

Selecting the correct return address / Chit Chats Region

  • In the event that your shipment cannot be delivered due to underpaid postage, please ensure you are creating shipments with the correct return address information. Always make sure your account displays the correct Chit Chats region to ensure postage prints with the correct return address for your region. 

Please note: Chit Chats will automatically apply CAD $50 administrative fee in addition to any shortfall, per each instance, for any shortfall due to you submitting inaccurate count, weight and dimensions of your shipment. 

*Service availability may vary.