It is the shipper's responsibility to ensure the address entered is complete and correct.

We always recommend that before you create a shipment, you verify with your customer that the address is valid. Be sure to check that:

  • You are using the correct address format
  • No key information is omitted e.g. zip/postal code, unit or apartment number, floor or suite number, etc. 
    • Keep in mind that maximum character limits vary by carrier. For example, address lines must be kept to 30 characters or less for Asendia shipments and 40 characters or less for Canadian shipments. Make sure that all important details are within these limits.

When you create a shipment, Chit Chats will attempt to verify the address you've entered. If our system detects a potential issue, you may be presented with a suggested alternate address. However, this does not mean that the address you've entered is invalid.

You will always have the option to choose between using our suggested address and the original address you've entered.