As Chit Chats Canada Tracked returns do not cross any international borders, they are processed differently from U.S. and international returns and do not require a customs broker.

All undeliverable Canadian shipments are returned to the Chit Chats hub in your region. Canadian return fees are based on the weight, dimensions and destination of the package and are charged directly to your account once processed by our returns team. Shipments will be returned to you by your preferred returns method

Unlike U.S. returns, Canadian returns do not have the following options:

  • A disposal address
  • A custom Canadian return address

We do not process customer returns for Canadian shipments or any shipments not originally sent through Chit Chats. If your customer wishes to return a shipment that was successfully delivered, you can provide them with your personal or business address to send to. Alternatively, you may choose to set up a PO box for your customer returns.

All return shipments must be able to be associated with a Chit Chats account (either with client ID or client account name). If a return is unidentifiable or cannot be associated with an account, it will be disposed of or rejected.