If you are looking for information about postage refunds due to expiry, please read this article. Or check out the details for refunding unused postage.

Your Chit Chats account gives you the flexibility to select and save postage options for your shipments without the need to immediately purchase the postage. However, you may come back to your shipment at a later date to find a "Postage expired" notice.

This just means that the postage rate you had previously selected is no longer available and you will need to refresh the postage rates before you can purchase the postage. 

This can be due to the fact that the ship date is no longer available or there are changes to the currency exchange.*

We generally recommend that you purchase the postage for your shipment after your create it. However, if you need more time, try selecting a later ship date for your shipment. Getting your shipment to us early will not impact the transit of your shipment.

*All U.S. and international postage fees on ChitChats.com are converted to CAD.