What currency does Chit Chats show for rates including postage and delivery fees?

All pricing on ChitChats.com is presented in CAD. Rates for our low-cost U.S. and international postage options are converted to CAD.

When is an invoice mandatory for my shipments?

For all shipments $300 USD in retail value or greater, items with market values that are difficult to verify online and Amazon FBA-destined shipments, an invoice must be provided. Be sure to attach the invoice to your shipment before dropping off. Find more on invoices here.

How do I add credits to my account?

Add credits to your account easily by buying credits with your credit card, no additional service charges apply.

I keep forgetting to add money to my account. Can I automate adding credits?

You can easily set up automatic reload for your account so you never have to worry about delays with receiving your shipments due to insufficient funds.

How can I view my total postage amounts or pull up a statement for accounting?

Access an overview of all your transactions (credits, refunds, postage, delivery fees and additional charges for supplies and services) in your Settings under Credits & Billing.

When are delivery fees deducted from my account?

Delivery fees are deducted when you create and pay for your shipment. Convenience access fees for eligible drop spots will be deducted when Chit Chats processes your shipments at a branch.

If my shipment is under 1 lb and I want tracking for an envelope (flat or thick) what should I select?

If you need tracking for flat or thick envelopes under 1 lb make sure to select Thick Envelope as your package type. Your envelope must be "machineable" (flexible and uniform) in order to qualify. Otherwise, please select the 'Parcel' option for your package type. To ensure that you always receive the best pricing, don't forget to enter the dimensions of your shipment.

Do I get access to all my tracked shipments?

Of course! You can easily keep track of all your shipments in your shipment profile.

Where can my customers track their packages?

Share our public tracking page with your customers so they can check the status of their package on their own. Provide them with the Chit Chats Shipment ID number or the carrier tracking number located in your shipment details.

What can I ship with Chit Chats?

We are able to take shipments $800 USD retail value or less and provided they are not a prohibited item. There are some items we cannot ship to the U.S., like alcohol, certain types of batteries, chocolate and weapons. View an overview of prohibited items here.