Who can ship with Chit Chats?

While it is our mission to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, anyone can sign up and take advantage of our low postage rates. When you sign up with Chit Chats, you have the option of creating either a business or personal account.

What can I ship with Chit Chats?

There are some items that we cannot ship based on their destination or value. For example, we cannot accept U.S. and international shipments greater than USD $800 in retail value. Additionally, some items that we cannot ship across the U.S. border are alcohol, chocolate and weapons. View our list of prohibited items.

How do I pay for postage and other services?

Credits are used to pay for all postage and services from Chit Chats. You can add credits to your account easily and no additional service charges apply. We accept Canadian and U.S. credit and debit cards from American Express, Mastercard or Visa and some prepaid credit cards. To add your payment method, visit Credits & Billing in your Settings.

Can I get a shipping quote?

Yes! To get a quick quote, use the shipping calculator found on our pricing page. Or you can also sign up for a free Chit Chats account to use your own personalized shipping calculator and create test shipments to access live rates. All pricing is in CAD and rates are subject to change.

Which printers are compatible with Chit Chats?

Chit Chats is optimized to print postage to fit a 4 x 6" label from ZPL thermal label printers like the Zebra ZP450 and Zebra GX420D. We also support most other Zebra models, Dymo printers, the Citizen CL-S521 and standard desktop printers.

How do I print postage labels?

You can easily print postage labels from a regular desktop printer or set up a ZPL thermal printer. To print from a desktop printer simply select ‘Print Postage’ then 'Download' to generate a PDF file of the label which you can easily print off.

Can I use prepaid postage labels or postage from another platform? 

No, our shipping platform offers low-cost postage options that help save you money. We offer Canadian shippers access to many competitive postage rates and services. Fully tracked and insurable postage options are available from your account with no need to upload tracking numbers. We also offer time-saving features like store integrations, bulk editing and shipping presets.

Do I need to submit a manifest or customs paperwork like a CN22?

No, all the details necessary for customs are automatically pulled from the descriptions you enter when creating shipments. For this reason, it’s important to be detailed and accurate when describing what you are shipping and entering the value. For example: “2 t-shirts” rather than “clothes”.

When is an invoice mandatory for my shipments?

An invoice must be provided for all shipments with a retail value of USD $300 or more, destined for Amazon FBA or containing any item with a market value that is difficult to verify such as a collectible or gift. Ensure to attach an invoice to the outside of your package in these cases.

Will my shipments have tracking?

Most postage on Chit Chats includes full tracking with delivery confirmation however exceptions based on destination apply. If you need tracking for letters or flat envelopes under 1 lb, make sure to select Thick Envelope for your package type.

What is a shipment ID?

A shipment ID is the unique set of 10 alphanumeric characters assigned to each shipment you create with Chit Chats. It is different from the carrier tracking number but it can still be used by your customers to track their shipments on our public tracking portal. A shipment ID identifies your shipment to our Client Support team so they can better assist you with any inquiries.

Where can my customers track their packages?

Share our public tracking page with your customers so they can check their shipment status for themselves at any time. Provide them with either the shipment ID or the carrier tracking number found in your shipment details so they can start tracking.

Does Chit Chats provide a U.S. return address?

Chit Chats offers a U.S. address for the sole purpose of returns i.e. undeliverable shipments (returned to sender) or customer returns. This means that you sent the original shipment through Chit Chats. If not, the shipment will be considered an import and we are unable to accommodate it. If you are interested in using our U.S. returns address, we require a signed Power of Attorney document.

Can I create a return label on Chit Chats for my Customer?

Yes! You can create return labels for your U.S. and Canadian shipments through your Chit Chats account. Read more about creating return postage labels.