You are only able to reprint a postage label if your shipment has yet to be received by Chit Chats. This option is available for you to correct printing errors and label quality issues (i.e. faded or wrinkled labels). If there is an error in the address information, we strongly advise you refund the postage and recreate the shipment.

If you need to reprint a label, you must destroy any previous label printouts as they will not be valid. Reusing postage can result in delays, refused shipments and is considered a federal crime. For a simple record of your shipments, please see how you can export past shipment data.

You can reprint postage from the Pending tab, as you would print any other postage label on the Chit Chats platform.

Note: You are responsible for the printing and labelling your shipments. Chit Chats does not offer a relabelling service.