Insurance in Canada is offered and administered through Hub International Ontario Limited/Hub Insurance Brokers and Continental Casualty Company Limited

Filing a claim for insurance doesn’t have to be hard! If you're submitting a claim for Chit Chats Insurance it can be done in a few clicks right from your Chit Chats account! We’ve broken down the steps for you here. 

If you need help with filing a claim with USPS, Canada Post or another carrier, find details about how to file a carrier insurance claim here.

How to file a Chit Chats Insurance claim

If you have purchased Chit Chats Insurance for your eligible shipments, you can easily file a claim from within your Chit Chits account. 

Important! In order to be eligible to file a claim for your insured shipment, it must be received by Chit Chats. You cannot file a claim for a shipment that has been disposed of due to prohibited items or being returned to sender. Shipments are not covered for loss or damage while they are in transit to Chit Chats. You will need additional coverage from a third-party if you wish to have insurance coverage before Chit Chats receives your shipments. We recommend this for high value shipments and if you mail-in or use a courier pickup service.*

Once the waiting period for your shipment has passed, find the shipment in your account and look to the shipment details (right sidebar).** Click on File a Claim. This will take you to the claims submission form on our insurer’s website. Alternatively, you can file your claim directly on the insurer's website by entering your shipment ID.

If the File a Claim link is not available for your shipment, this may mean that your shipment was not eligible for Chit Chats Insurance or that you had not purchased it for this particular shipment.

You will notice that a number of the shipment details have already been filled out for you (e.g. insured value in USD). Complete and verify this information before submitting the claim. You may want to double-check that the insured value of your shipment includes applicable sales tax. Further instructions on how to fill out the submission form can be found at the top of this page.

During the claims submission you will be asked to provide:

  • Your name and return address information - this is so you can properly be reimbursed for your claim. Be sure to indicate the name or company name that the reimbursement should be made payable to.
  • Recipient address information (consignee)- who & where the shipment was sent to. Please note that you will be required to provide recipient contact details like email addresses or phone numbers in order for your claim to be reviewed.
    • For platforms that do not provide recipient contact details, clients can use supporting documents or records of correspondence in lieu of a signed statement (affidavit) from the recipient confirming that the lost shipment is lost. Such supporting documents are best if dated after the required waiting period has passed.
    • Damaged/lost Amazon FBA shipments can be supported by an email or notice of damage or loss from Amazon in lieu of an affidavit. 
  • Package details - what was included in the shipment, when it was shipped and the value
  • What happened to the shipment - loss or damage, with supporting documentation from your recipient including a signed affidavit and photo evidence if available. Loss may include instances of non-receipt caused by a delivery error.

Please note that should your lost shipment begin to show tracking updates or even be delivered during the claims process, the insurer may deny your claim. Only lost or damaged packages are covered by Chit Chat insurance. 

You can learn how to check the status of your claim here.

*You must confirm the coverage rules for any supplemental coverage you purchase through another provider.

**Insurance claims must be filed within 90 days from the original postage purchase date. The Insured will have one (1) year from the date postage was purchased to provide any required and/or additional documentation which has been requested of the Insured to substantiate said claim. In the case that required and/or additional documentation which has been requested goes ninety (90) days with no document submission will result in denial of the claim. Claim can be reopened upon submission of requested documents if documents are submitted within one (1) year from the date postage was purchased. Failure to provide the required and/or additional documentation within one (1) year from the postage purchase date will result in the denial of the claim.

Filing a claim under false pretenses will result in the denial of your claim.