For most deliveries, if no one is home to receive the shipment, the carrier will drop it off in a mailbox or at an entrance if it is safe to do so. 

However, if it is unsafe to deliver the package or if a signature is required for delivery, this can sometimes result in a failed delivery attempt.

Our Chit Chats Collect service is a great option for sellers to provide an alternative where recipients can pick up their shipments directly.

Multiple Delivery Attempts & Address Redirecting

Some carriers may make multiple delivery attempts for a shipment. Other times, you may be able to direct the shipment to another address while it is still in transit. The availability and cost of these options depends on when you make a request. As a rule of thumb, the earlier you can contact the carrier, the better as there is no guarantee that these options are always possible. 

Pick-Up Points

After a failed delivery attempt, a carrier may leave a notice detailing that the shipment will be on hold at a pick-up point for collection. This could be a local post office or a trusted third-party location.

Most shipments will only be on hold for a brief window of time. If you do not receive a notice from the carrier, please inquire directly with your local post office or your seller.


If none of the above are suitable options, the carrier may deem your shipment undeliverable and initiate a return. If your shipment is being returned, you may continue to see updates with the original tracking number as the shipment transits back to your seller. We encourage you to contact your seller for more details on their return policy.