At Chit Chats we provide our services to Canadian entrepreneurs with locations in British Columbia, Alberta Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic region. We call these the Chit Chats regions.*

In each Chit Chats region, there is a hub location for processing and sorting shipments. Packages dropped off at one of our branches will be sent to the hub for consolidation. Depending on the destination, your shipment may visit another Chit Chats hub along its journey for further processing and sorting. Similarly, when you schedule a Canpar pickup or mail-in your shipments to us, your shipments will be sent to the appropriate Chit Chats hub for your region. This ensures that we are able to process your shipments as quickly as possible. 

The Chit Chats hubs are as follows:

You can learn more about our branches and drop spots like address information and hours of operation on our locations page. While we hope to one day be in every province, clients who do not live near a Chit Chats location can arrange to send shipments to the nearest Chit Chats hub and still save money.

*We do not offer a U.S. hub for U.S. to Canada shipping.