Find out how to schedule a third party courier pickup here. Due to a higher than normal amount of requests and additional safety precautions at this time, please expect delays for your pickup.

What is the estimated window for my pickup?

Our third party courier partner cannot provide a precise pick up time. Exact pickup times are difficult to confirm because they depend on various factors:

  • Geography i.e. urban vs rural areas
  • The number of pickups scheduled for the day
  • The pickup driver’s location when a pickup request is made

The estimated time for when pickups occur are during the afternoon business hours. Generally most pickups occur before 3:00 p.m. local time, however this is only an estimate.

Estimated pickup dates are not guaranteed and there may be times when there are delays due to unexpected circumstances beyond our control (i.e. compliance concerns, inclement weather, operational challenges, etc.). On average, delayed pickups will still occur within two business days of being scheduled.

Important: A pickup request should only be submitted after you have finished preparing your consolidated shipments. Courier pickup drivers will not be able to wait while shipments are being prepared. 

What should I include in the special instructions to the driver?

When scheduling your pickup, you have the option to include a note to the pickup driver.  You can use this note to provide instructions for accessing your location or for where to find your consolidated shipments. For example, if you are located in an apartment complex, please include your buzzer number in the delivery instructions for the driver. A buzzer number should only be included on the second address line if there is not enough room in the delivery instructions.

Always keep your pickup instructions short and simple. Pickup drivers operate on a tight schedule and will follow these instructions at their discretion. If you are not able to be at your location when you receive your pickup, you may choose to leave your shipments somewhere accessible to the pickup driver at your own risk. Please leave the driver clear instructions on how to access the shipments that need to be picked up. Chit Chats will not be held liable for any shipments left unattended.

For example:

  • Pick up at back deck under the stairs
  • Left package behind the garage, beside the chairs
  • Buzz code #12345 ask for Stephen Smith

Please note that while you may leave a phone number for the pickup driver, they are not obligated to make attempts to contact you.

Why can’t I schedule a pickup for this day?

It is possible that the pickup service is unavailable for your selected day. Currently, third party courier pickups are not available on weekends and availability may be subject to holidays.

When will my package be delivered to Chit Chats?

You can find an estimated delivery date for your consolidated shipments in the details of your scheduled pickup. The estimated delivery date is based on distance but typically ranges between one and three business days. Estimated delivery dates are not guaranteed and there may be times when there are delays due to unexpected circumstances beyond our control (i.e. compliance concerns, inclement weather, operational challenges, etc.). 

How is the cost of my pickup calculated?

The cost of your third party courier pickup is determined by the weight and dimensions of your consolidated shipment as well as the distance between your location and the Chit Chats branch for your region.

  • AB - Calgary
  • AC - Atlantic Screen Printing drop spot (Dartmouth)
  • BC - Richmond
  • ON - Pickering
  • QC - Montreal

Please note that the greater of actual weight or dimensional weight will be used to calculate the rate. This means that you will want to consolidate your shipments carefully to prevent large dimensions from inflating the cost of your pickup. To calculate dimensional weight: (L*W*H) / 139, L, W, H in inches.

It is best to consolidate your shipments in strong and secure packaging like a box to keep your packages protected.

Remember that it is your responsibility to accurately declare the weight and dimensions of your packages. Misrepresenting the details of your shipment may cause insufficient postage for your consolidated shipment and you may incur a postage adjustment. Our third party partner follows the practices and regulations set out in the Canadian Weight & Measures Act.

How do I label my consolidated shipments for pickup?

Your pickup label should be affixed to the outside of your consolidated package with your individually labelled shipments contained inside. If your individual shipments are too large to consolidate, then you will need to create separate pickup labels for them. You can do this when scheduling your pickup by clicking on "+ Add another piece". You will need to include both the postage and pickup labels for these large shipments. We suggest covering your postage label with a piece of paper to avoid any confusion for the courier.

How can I track my consolidated packages?

A third party tracking number will be provided for your consolidated shipments. After scheduling your pickup, you will find this number under your Pickup package details and on the pickup label for your shipments. To track your shipment, click on the tracking number in your account or enter your tracking number here.

I didn’t receive my pickup. What do I do?

If you scheduled a pickup but did not receive one, please reach out to us at

Is there insurance for my third party courier pickup?

In the case of loss or damage, basic insurance is included. Our third party courier provides coverage up to $100 CAD for consolidated shipments. Please contact us to file a claim with Canpar on your behalf.

Can I schedule a pickup with another carrier or courier?

If you would prefer to mail-in your shipments to us or schedule a pickup with the third party of your choice, you may do so. Just make sure to add your individual shipments to a batch in your Chit Chats account before getting them to us. You will need to address your consolidated shipment to the Chit Chats hub for your region. Please write the branch name and 'mail-in' e.g. "Chit Chats Richmond MAIL-IN". Some couriers that our clients prefer are:

  • Day & Ross / Sameday
  • FedEx (Canada)
  • UPS (Canada)
  • DHL
  • Purolator
  • PX Courier

Can I add shipments to my existing pickup?

At this time, you cannot add more shipments to a pickup you have already scheduled. The weight and dimensions of your consolidated shipment is what determines the cost of your pickup and if this information is inaccurate, you may incur a postage adjustment. If you have made an error or would like to add or remove shipments from your scheduled pickup, please cancel your pickup request and schedule a new pickup