If you are looking for information on Chit Chats Insurance, please see here.


Carrier insurance is coverage provided by the carrier for select services or postage types. This type of insurance is included in the price of postage and often covers a fixed value. Additional insurance coverage for high-value shipments may be available through the carrier for an added cost. 

For most carriers, default coverage for domestic service is up to $100 against loss or damage. However, please keep in mind that carrier insurance does not include coverage while the shipment is within Chit Chats’ service. You will need to confirm the specific terms and conditions of the insurance coverage with the carrier.


Carrier insurance is included for the following postage types found on the Chit Chats platform.

Carrier insurance is also available for your consolidated shipments sent to Chit Chats with a third party courier pickup

Filing a Claim

All claims need to be filed directly with the carrier, except in the case of Chit Chats Canada Tracked shipments which must be filed through Chit Chats

Filing a carrier insurance claim will often take longer than filing a claim for Chit Chats Insurance. Reimbursement is processed through the carrier and generally has a longer timeline than with Chit Chats Insurance. Aside from Chit Chats Canada Tracked shipments, we are unable to check the status of a carrier insurance claim on your behalf.
*Service availability may vary