Your Chit Chats region is the province you drop your shipments off to; whether this is in Alberta, BC, Ontario, Quebec or Atlantic Canada. It lets us know where we can expect to receive your shipments and ensures they are created with the correct return and postal address information. Creating shipments under a different region will apply the wrong postage rates to your shipments.

We can only receive shipments at branches in your designated region. If you ship with Chit Chats from out of province or you plan on visiting a Chit Chats location in another region, remember to check that you are using the correct Chit Chats region before creating your shipments.

To change your Chit Chats region:

  1. Click on Settings (bottom-left)
  2. Click on Shipping
  3. Under Chit Chats Region click 'Change' and select the region from drop-down. Your selection will automatically be saved for you.

Important: Changing your Chit Chats region will apply to all shipments you create moving forward. Your changes will not apply to any shipments that you have already created.