The estimated delivery time is how many business days you can expect delivery to take after Chit Chats receives your shipment. These timelines are estimates and are not guaranteed

You can find the estimated delivery for your shipment on the Chit Chats tracking page that your seller shared with you.

Delivery estimates depend on a number of factors including:

  • Where your shipment was sent from
  • The destination and if customs processing is necessary*
    • International delivery estimates vary by country.
    • U.S. delivery estimates vary for destinations outside of the contiguous United States (i.e. Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. territories and APO/FPO destinations)
    • Canadian remote addresses may have longer estimated delivery times
  • The service level chosen for your shipment.

If you have not received your shipment and it is beyond the estimated delivery time, we recommend getting in touch with the seller to discuss next steps.

Estimated delivery times by service:

Delivery estimates are not guaranteed as unexpected delays can occur. You can always find the latest updates on service delays here.

ServiceAverage Estimated Delivery Time
Chit Chats Select
Chit Chats Slim
Chit Chats Collect
Chit Chats Canada Tracked
Chit Chats U.S Select4-9
Chit Chats U.S. Edge3-6
USPS Priority Mail2-4
Chit Chats International Tracked


 USPS First Class International8-24
USPS Priority Mail International
USPS Priority Mail Express International