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Expecting a Chit Chats Collect shipment? If your seller offers this delivery option, you can pick up your shipment from a Chit Chats Locker in your area at your convenience and contact-free!

Chit Chats Collect is a low-cost option for Canadian shipments that is designed with flexibility in mind. Quickly and easily pick up your shipment from a nearby Chit Chats Locker for less by following the instructions below. 

Chit Chats Lockers are currently available only at British Columbia and Ontario branches.

Read this guide if you’re collecting your shipment directly from a Chit Chats branch instead of a locker.

Table of Contents

Notifications for shipment pickup

Once your shipment is ready for pickup from a Chit Chats Locker, you’ll receive a notification by either SMS or email. This notification will contain a link (beginning with to view the shipment tracking details and schedule your pickup time. We will never ask you for payment or other personal information via SMS or email.

Haven’t received your notification? Learn how to search our tracking page for updates on your shipment’s journey.

Scheduling your Locker reservation

Your notification includes a link inviting you to schedule the date and time most convenient for you to  pick up. Keep in mind that Chit Chats Lockers are only accessible during branch hours.


Choose a date from the calendar and an available time slot from the drop down menu then click Book Reservation.

After reserving your pickup window, you’ll receive confirmation which includes:

  • the address of the locker
  • hours of operation
  • the barcode and/or PIN you’ll need to access your shipment. 

Changing a Locker Reservation 

If you need to reschedule your Chit Chats Locker reservation:

  1. Follow the ‘Reschedule it’ link on your confirmation page
  2. It will then prompt you to select another date & time


After rescheduling, you will receive a new confirmation with the updated time and date. Any additional rescheduling requests can be made through our client support team at 1-844-842-8777.

Any changes to your pickup reservation must be made at least 24 hours prior to your current reservation as our team needs to prepare your shipment for pickup.

Collecting a Shipment from a Chit Chats Locker 

To collect your shipment, please have the following information ready:

  • Full name of the recipient (you!)
  • Shipment ID
  • Barcode or PIN

There are two ways to interact with the locker:

  1. Enter your pin manually or
  2. Scan the barcode

Both can be found in your confirmation email.

After you’ve successfully collected your package from a Chit Chats Locker, we’ll mark the shipment as “delivered” on your tracking. If you need any assistance retrieving your shipment from a locker, do not hesitate to ask one of our friendly branch staff.

1. Manual entry

  1. Tap anywhere on the screen to begin
  2. Press the PICKUP button at the bottom of the Welcome Screen
  3. Enter the pickup code (you should have received this from us by SMS or email)
  4. Find the location of your locker on the screen 
  5. Retrieve your parcel from the open locker and close the door when you’ve finished

Your pickup is now complete! You can tap on the OK button to return to the welcome screen.

2. Scan a barcode (contact-free)

This option is available only if your seller enabled email notifications.

  1. At the Locker, scan the barcode you received by email
  2. Find the location of your locker on the screen
  3. Retrieve your parcel from the open locker and close the door when you’ve finished

Your pickup is now complete! The screen will time out and return to the welcome screen

Returning Chit Chats Collect Shipments

If you’d like to return your shipment after successfully collecting your package from a Chit Chats Locker, please contact your seller for more details on their return policy. You will need to coordinate with them directly to create return postage for the shipment.