The pandemic has caused unprecedented delays with shipping and our partner carriers are experiencing significant delays in transit times. Due to limited transportation availability and increased safety measures most carriers have removed any service guarantees. Delivery times are always estimated and never guaranteed. We strongly suggest advising your customers of these delays accordingly.

Whether you are a Chit Chats client or the recipient of a shipment, you can find up to date tracking information on the Chit Chats platform using your shipment ID. Learn more about how to search our tracking portal.

Tracking is included for all Chit Chats Canada Tracked shipments. Once the shipment arrives in the destination province, you will have the ability to check for tracking updates directly from our partner carrier, Canada Post. All you will need is the carrier tracking number to search for tracking on Canada Post’s tracking page.

Service availability may vary. Please note that carrier tracking events may not be displayed in your timezone. For this reason, timestamps for carrier tracking events may differ from timestamps for Chit Chats tracking events.

Where to find the carrier tracking number

On our tracking portal

  1. Search for your shipment on our portal using your shipment ID.
  2. Once your shipment has been released to the carrier Canada Post, your tracking will be updated with the carrier tracking number.

In your Chit Chats account

  1. Log into your Chit Chats account and locate the shipment.
  2. Look under the Postage tab. The carrier and tracking number will be shown here after you have purchased postage for the shipment.
  3. Alternatively, click on the shipment. A link to the carrier tracking will be available in the right sidebar.