Before printing your shipping labels, you should know a little about the printer you would like to use. Chit Chats supports the following type of printers:

  • Raw printers that support ZPL language and 4" x 6" thermal labels (most Zebra printers e.g. z450, lp2844z)
  • Standard desktop printers, including Dymo printers such as DYMO LabelWriter 4XL

Non-ZPL thermal printers may still be used however, they will require extra steps to set up.

Most of the shipping labels we provide are 4" x 6". You should ensure that your printer supports at least this printing size. A bigger printing area (such as a U.S. letter on standard desktop printer) would work as well, as the label will be printed in the center of the page.

How to install your printer

ZPL Thermal Printer

Non-ZPL Thermal Printer

Standard Desktop Printer

Once the printer is properly installed, visit the Printer Setup and follow the instructions to set up the printer with Chit Chats.


If you’re having difficulties with the thermal printer set-up, there is also the option to print labels on a desktop printer by using our PDF label formats. For more information see, I can’t configure my printer to work correctly with Chit Chats. What can I do?