Each shipment you create on the Chit Chats platform is assigned a unique shipment ID. You and your customers can use this shipment ID to see tracking updates on the Chit Chats tracking page.


This allows you to see a complete tracking history for your shipment. You can also see these updates right from your account by clicking on the shipment and then clicking on ‘View Shipment’ in the right sidebar.

If your store is connected with your Chit Chats account you may also be able to send Chit Chats tracking updates directly to your store by updating your order fulfillment settings.

How Chit Chats Tracking Works

If your shipment has delivery confirmation, you’ll see updates from the moment you create the shipment, to when we process and receive your packages and all the way until it’s delivered  to your customer.

Chats Chats tracking events are displayed in the time zone associated with your Chit Chats region.

If your postage type does not include a delivery confirmation (e.g. Chit Chats Slim, USPS First Class Mail), you will still receive tracking updates up until your shipment leaves our facility to be handled by our delivery partner.