When preparing your shipments it is important to accurately represent the dimensions and weight of your packages. This can be done in either imperial (in, lbs & oz) or metric (cm, kg & g) units, whichever you prefer. Your preferred units of measurement will be pre-selected when creating your shipments through 'New Shipment'. Your preferences will also be applied during the edit step when importing your shipments and if you make use of shipping presets.

To change your default units, follow these steps:

Changing Units of Measurement

  1. Sign in to your Chit Chats account
  2. On the left sidebar scroll down to and click Settings > Shipping.
  3. On the bottom right of the page there will be options for default sizes and default weights
  4. Select your preferences. The changes will be saved automatically.

Please note that once you've updated your preferred units they will be applied to all of the shipments you create going forward. Previously created shipments will not be updated.

Make sure to keep careful track of your default units of measurement. Reporting incorrect measurements may result in insufficient postage being charged for your shipments. This can happen in cases where the correct values are used with the incorrect units.