Before you can print your shipping labels, you should get to know the printer that you plan to use. The Chit Chats platform is optimized for printing postage from thermal label printers that use the Zebra Programming Language (ZPL). However, we support the following type of printers:

  • Most Zebra & other ZPL printers, for example:
    • Zebra ZP450
    • Zebra GX420D
    • Zebra LP 2844-Z
    • Dymo printers (e.g. DYMO LabelWriter 4XL) 
    • Citizen CL-S521
  • Standard desktop printers

Non-ZPL thermal printers may still be used however, these printers will require extra steps during the setup (e.g. Zebra LP2844, Rollo and other Citizen printers). Our platform is not compatible with Munbyn printers.

Chit Chats postage is optimized for printing on 4 x 6” thermal labels however, a larger printing area  will work as well. You have the option to download a PDF version of the label in both 4 x 6” and 8.5 x 11” formats to suit your needs.

How to install your printer

Please see the below for specific instructions on installing your printer:

How to connect your printer to Chit Chats

Once your printer is properly installed, you can visit our Printer Setup page and follow the instructions to set up the printer with the Chit Chats. If you experience issues with connecting your printer or QZ tray, please see our tips on troubleshooting printer issues.

Note: Accessing the Chit Chats platform in an incognito browser will likely remove these printer settings. You may be required to do the printer setup again.

How to set your preferred label size for downloads

If after connecting your printer, you plan on downloading your labels before printing them, you can indicate your preferred label size in your settings:

  • Letter (8.5. in x 11 in) - Ideal for desktop printers

  • A4 (4 in x 6 in) - Ideal for thermal label printers

Note: All of your postage, returns and batch labels will be downloaded in letter format by default unless you change your preferences. To update this setting please follow these easy steps: 

1. Navigate to 'Settings' in your Chit Chats account 

2. Select 'Postage Labels'

3. Select your preferred label size

These changes will now be applied to all labels you download going forward.