The pandemic has caused unprecedented delays with shipping and our partner carriers are experiencing significant delays in transit times. Due to limited transportation availability and increased safety measures most carriers have removed any service guarantees. Delivery times are always estimated and never guaranteed. We strongly suggest advising your customers of these delays accordingly.

While carrier tracking may be unavailable for certain postage types, every shipment created on the Chit Chats platform is assigned a Shipment ID and can be tracked with Chit Chats tracking.*

Using Chit Chats tracking allows you to see a more complete tracking history for your shipments as you will receive internal tracking updates in addition to carrier tracking events. Tracking updates occur from the time your shipment is created and received by Chit Chats through to the last tracking update.

Depending on the selling platform you use, Chit Chats tracking can be sent to your store for order fulfillment.

How to view Chit Chats tracking

You can find Chit Chats tracking updates within your account by clicking on any shipment and clicking on ‘Tracking History’ in the right sidebar.

Please note that Chats Chats tracking events are displayed in the timezone associated with your Chit Chats region

Alternatively, recipients can search for Chit Chats tracking on our public tracking page using the Shipment ID.

*For Chit Chats International Standard, only Chit Chats tracking will be available.