Sometimes a shipment’s delivery is impacted by something unexpected during transit. When this happens the shipment will have a delivery exception status. Delivery exceptions are typically issued to notify of a delay or issue with the actual delivery. You will need to check the tracking events for more detailed information on the nature of the exception.

The most common types of delivery exceptions include:

  • Delivery attempted (e.g. No access to delivery location,)
  • Awaiting delivery scan
  • Insufficient address or addressee unknown
  • Weather delays
  • Carrier processing delays
  • Postal disruptions
  • Damage to shipments

When there has been a delivery exception for a shipment, you will notice this tracking update:

You can find all shipments with delivery exceptions under the Exception tab (left sidebar). In most cases, shipments will remain in the exception state even after delivery has been confirmed by a tracking update. Please check your tracking for the latest updates. 

Shipments under the Exception tab cannot be moved to Delivered or Archived. 

In some cases shipments in the exception state will be returned to sender by the carrier. If you use Chit Chats' return address, your shipment will need additional time to be delivered to us before we can return it to you. Once we receive and process your return, you will be able to track it from the Returns tab in your Chit Chats account.

If you have not received any more tracking updates during your shipment's return, it may mean your shipment is lost. Chit Chats Insurance can be purchased for most shipments to give reassurance for unexpected situations like loss or damage. If you have purchased Chit Chats Insurance, or your shipment includes carrier insurance, we recommend filing a claim as soon as the waiting period is over.