When shipping to international destinations duties and/or taxes may apply, dependant on country, the shipment value and contents of the shipment. 

Compliant shipments entering the U.S. with a retail value of less than $800 USD, are exempt from taxes and duties. However, as all countries have their own specific import limits, you are responsible for knowing what limits apply to your shipments before you drop off with us. You may want to reference this list of international duty limits.

If duties and taxes apply to your shipment, the recipient may be required to pay them either before or upon delivery. Unfortunately, these cannot be paid in advance, so you may need to inform your recipient to make the appropriate arrangements.

If taxes and duties apply, delivery times may be impacted as the shipment will require time to clear customs in the destination country. It is important to clearly and accurately declare all shipment contents and values to ensure smooth customs processing.