When sending shipments internationally, additional charges such as taxes (e.g. VAT), duties and other customs fees may apply. However, these charges may either be paid up front before the shipment is sent or by the recipient just prior to delivery.  

Delivered Duties Paid (DDP) Postage 

Delivered duties paid (DDP) postage types are those which the sender or seller may only use if they collect duties, import clearance and any taxes before sending the shipment. Often these fees are collected from the buyer at the time of sale. It is the responsibility of the sender/seller to ensure the correct calculation of any duties and taxes and share this information with the appropriate customs agency. For Chit Chats International Tracked, which offers DDP postage to select destinations, this requires providing the correct IOSS or other customs tax reference number when creating your shipments.

It is important that the customs tax reference number is provided in the correct format. 

While this option is not available for all shipments, it does provide buyers and senders alike with a sense of security that the fees have been handled upfront with fewer potential delays to transit. It also alleviates the need for additional communication that may arise if buyers are unfamiliar with how to handle the required fees.

Shipments that exceed the maximum retail values below do not meet the customs tax requirements and therefore an IOSS or VAT number is not applicable. 

  • Addresses in the UK: $220 CAD*
  • Addresses in the EU: $215 CAD* 

*Subject to fluctuations in currency exchange.

If you are shipping a package with a retail value exceeding this amount, please select a DDU postage option.

Delivered Duties Unpaid (DDU) Postage 

Many shipments sent abroad are shipped using postage types where the delivered duties are unpaid (DDU).  This means that any taxes, duties or customs fees are due once a shipment has arrived in the recipient’s country. With DDU services, your recipient is responsible for paying any taxes and customs fees. In the event they refuse to pay, you as the sender may need to resolve the fees in order to release the shipment.

DDU postage types available on the Chit Chats platform include:

We suggest that you explain to your customers the responsibilities for taxes and duties owed at delivery ahead of time if you choose to use DDU services. You may also need to remind your buyer to pay the fees if the package has arrived in their country but has yet to be delivered due to the outstanding payment.